Best Things About Mountain Living

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There are many benefits and perks to living in and around the mountains. Mountain living is a dream for many people, but it is a dream that is obtainable for most people who are willing to make it a priority. The mountain life offers a large variety of appealing benefits.


One of the many perks of living in the mountains is the close proximity to vast tracts of nature in its most pristine form. Access to nature gives mountain residents a chance to enjoy all the advantages of wilderness living. Taking a morning hike, or even a drive on rural mountain roads, gives you numerous chances to encounter wildlife and to commune with nature in a way that can be experienced, but not described with mere words. For those who have previously only lived in urban areas, the appeal of the crisp, clean air and the natural quietness cannot be overstated. 

Fitness and Recreation 

Mountain living offers access to a wide variety of recreation and fitness options which are unparalleled in any other environment. High elevations and sloping landscapes make winter sports an integral part of mountain living. Hiking and kayaking are also popular. For people who live in the mountains, staying in shape is always enjoyable.


There are very few large cities in the mountains, but there are quite a few medium sized towns with strong tourist economies. Tourists are attracted to the mountains by many of the same perks that attract people to live there. Tourists provide many mountain towns with a stronger economy and higher standard of living than would otherwise be possible in a town of similar size. This offers residents extra opportunities for seasonal and part-time jobs, which is great for retirees, as well as the chance to run their own tourist-driven businesses. The tourist-driven economies of many mountain towns also provide higher quality amenities, excellent restaurants, superb shopping, and more entertainment possibilities than those that would be available without an influx of money from tourism. 


If you do not desire to live in a tourist town, the mountains also offer hundreds of smaller towns. These close-knit mountain communities offer a variety of appeals, such as safe, peaceful, rural or small town life with scenic views and little or no traffic. While these towns may lack some of the perks of urban and suburban living, there is usually a medium-sized town within a reasonable driving distance which offers anything a new mountain resident might miss from living in the city.

What is stopping you? Mountain living provides good jobs, access to quality dining, entertainment, recreation, and everything for which a person who desires a dynamic lifestyle could ever ask. All you have left to do now is to take the plunge and make the move.

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