4 Delicious Valentine’s Day Treats

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valentine's treats

Residents of our Flagstaff apartments will warm their hearts on Valentine's Day. This day to celebrate our love and bonds of affection takes place on Wednesday, February 14. Some will buy flowers and others will get chocolate. Many of us will exchange cards. For those who want to share their love but have busy schedules, here are 4 easy-to-make treats you may want to consider. 

Delicious Treats for Valentine's Day

1. Red Velvet Popcorn. A great choice while watching a movie together, this is easy to make. Place seven cups of air-popped popcorn in a bowl. Melt 16 oz. of white chocolate and pour over the popcorn. Spread it evenly by folding. Add two cups of red velvet crumbs and mix. 

2. Loving Trail Mix. For those who are health conscious, enhance your partner's favorite trail mix with sweethearts. Surprise them by adding conversation hearts to sweeten the deal. 

3.  Pretzel and Peanut Butter Balls. Combine 1/2 cup each of crushed pretzels and your favorite peanut butter. Freeze until firm for about 20 minutes, roll into about 20 balls. Place them on wax paper and freeze again for an hour. Melt one cup of chocolate chips, dip the balls into the chocolate and place in the refrigerator to make them firm before eating. 

4. Heart-Shaped Krispies. Kids of all ages love to make Rice Krispies treats by mixing margarine, miniature marshmallows, and cereal in a saucepan. To give these treats a Valentine flair, cut them into heart shapes and add red or pink coloring to the marshmallows before mixing in the Krispies. 

These delicious temptations will make Valentine's Day even more special. They will take just a little time to prepare in your comfortable County Club Meadows apartment, a place you will certainly love. To learn more about the amenities we offer in our apartments in Flagstaff, Arizona, please contact us at (844) 850-9873.

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