Tips to Make Moving With Pets a Breeze

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moving with pets

Moving to or around Flagstaff, AZ with pets? Residents in Flagstaff apartments should be aware of the ways to make moving less stressful on their dog or cat, as well as themselves. The following suggestions make a move easier on companion pets.

Pets and the Move

It is possible for owners to reduce stress on anxious pets during a move. Keeping pets in a room they know with their favorite items can help them feel more comfortable while pet owners are in the process of moving. This room should be packed up last. Additional tips for pet owners include:

  • Keeping as close as possible to a pet’s routine. Feed and walk them during their usual times.
  • Getting pets used to a crate or car ride before moving day. Slow acclimation that begins early is helpful to pets and owners.
  • Microchipping a pet and making sure that the address is updated on their information can help pets get back to rightful owners should they get out of the home or car during the moving process.
  • Pet-proofing a new apartment and removing any poisonous houseplants before releasing a pet allows animals to safely explore.  

These are only a handful of suggestions for those who are preparing for an upcoming move. It may also be useful to speak with a trusted veterinarian prior to the move and to locate a new veterinarian in the neighborhood before moving into a new apartment.

Keep Pets Safe and Secure in Flagstaff Apartments

Residents at the Country Club Meadows Apartments appreciate easy mountain living and being close to the best shopping and entertainment options. One and two-bedroom Flagstaff apartments are available. Contact a friendly associate of Country Club Meadows Apartments at (844) 850-9873 for a personal tour, and take your pet to nearby local trails after the visit.

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