Five Flowering Plants You Can Grow Indoors

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Looking for a fun, easy way to decorate your home? Try livening up your decor with beautiful flowering plants. Following are five flowering plants that residents of apartments in Flagstaff can grow indoors. 

Flowering Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Chenille Plant 

The chenille plant is ideal for growing in hanging baskets in front of bright windows where its long, fuzzy crimson blooms put on a gorgeous display almost all year round. This plant likes evenly moist soil, and because of its tropical origins, it doesn't perform well in temperatures lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to give it light feedings with a good flower-building fertilizer on a regular basis. 


Oxalis is another houseplant that blooms almost all year round. Its deep purple leaves set off the pink flowers perfectly. You can also buy a variety with plain green foliage and charming white flowers. Oxalis likes evenly moist soil and indirect light. 


Closely related to amaryllis, clivia is almost indestructible if you provide it with the right conditions. Although it likes bright light, too much direct sunlight damages the leaves. Clivia likes its soil on the dry side, so be sure to check the leaves for pale green lesions — this is a sign that the plant is getting too much water. Its trumpet-shaped flowers come in light cream, orange and red. 

Crown of Thorns

As its name implies, this houseplant features thorns. A relative of the quintessential holiday favorite poinsettia, crown of thorns thrives on neglect, making it ideal for busy people who don't have particularly green thumbs. Its bright pink flowers last for weeks, but make sure it has plenty of room to grow — this plant can reach up to three feet tall. 

Flame of the Woods

Otherwise known as ixora, flame of the woods features glossy green leaves and abundant clusters of blooms. Its winter-blooming flowers come in yellow, orange, pink and red. It performs best when given bright light and slightly dry soil. 

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