Unexpected Guests? How to Get Your Home as Clean as Possible in 15 Minutes

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Unless you keep your space pristine, you may find yourself anxiously tidying up if someone tells you they are going to swing by your house. When your mind is racing, you may be unsure where to focus your energy to get your house looking spick-and-span in a short amount of time. Here are the best steps to follow if you only have 15 minutes to get your home as clean as possible. 

How to Quickly Get Your Home as Clean as Possible

Remove Clutter

The first step to take is to remove all clutter from your common areas. Clean the dishes, put your mail away and remove magazines from your coffee table. Clutter can make a space seem a lot dirtier than it really is. 

Clean Glass

The next step is to clean glass, mirrors or televisions that have dust and fingerprints on them. Use Windex to remove the dirt and restore the shine. When glass is clean, it also reflects light, which can further help to make your space seem cleaner. 

Wipe Down Your Countertops

If you have cleaning wipes, grab a couple and quickly wipe down your countertops, including those in the bathroom. This won't provide a deep clean, but wiping these surfaces down helps make them look clean enough for guests. If needed, grab a wipe and wipe down the toilet a guest may use and the sink as well. 


Lastly, break out the vacuum and vacuum. Freshly vacuumed carpets always make a space look clean. If you have pets, consider sprinkling baking soda or a carpet refresher on the carpets as soon as guests call and then vacuuming it away after completing the rest of your tasks. This helps fight any odors that may be present in your space, leaving your home not only looking clean, but smelling clean as well. 

While you cannot prepare for unexpected guests, you can ensure that your home is perfect for entertaining. If you are looking for apartment homes in Flagstaff, Arizona, be sure to visit Country Club Meadows. Our apartment homes are spacious and designed to be the perfect space for entertaining. Stop by our office today to see models of our spaces for rent or to inquire about availability. 

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